What are the common uses of chlorinated paraffins

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2024-03-12 08:42

Chlorinated paraffin is an industrial raw material. The chemical formula of chlorinated paraffin is CnH2n 2-mCimn-15m-7. And, of course, long-chain and short-chain chlorinated paraffins.Widely used in paints, rubbers, resins and other plastics or coatings, as flame retardants, fillers and adhesives, and also as lubricating additives, chlorinated paraffins have excellent performance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance.

Chlorinated paraffin is a kind of chlorinated paraffin 52. Chlorinated paraffin is a chlorinated derivative of saturated C10-30 straight chain paraffin, low volatility, good electrical insulation and other properties, chlorinated paraffin 52 is a light yellow to yellow oily viscous liquid.

The chlorine content of chlorinated paraffins varies, and the color ranges from yellow and yellow viscous oily liquid to soft or brittle resin solid or white powder. The physical properties also change with the increase of chlorine content.

It has good flame retardancy, is well received by users, and has a very good market application prospect. Chlorinated paraffin is widely used in industry.

Because of its own characteristics, it is loved by many customers, and now more and more people are using it, so it needs attention.

Compared with other paraffin, the high content environment has the following characteristics:

(1) with a large number of positive charges, stable formation of polynuclear hydroxyl aluminum complex, promote flocculation and sizing.

(2) Environmentally friendly chlorinated paraffin is a pre-hydrolyzed product with a low degree of hydrolysis, and the pH value of the pulp decreases less than that of aluminum sulfate.

(3) can be applied in acidic and neutral environment to reduce corrosion and promote white water treatment.

(4) Adding calcium carbonate filler can reduce production costs and improve the whiteness and bending resistance of paper.

(5) the use of environmentally friendly sizing to improve the retention and filtration effect of the slurry.

(6) Due to the large contact area between the product and water, the wettability is better than that of powdered products, and it is used for water treatment in power plants.

Chlorinated paraffin

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