What are the effects of chlorinated paraffins?

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2024-03-12 08:42

Chlorinated paraffin can partially replace dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate, which is lower than the main plasticizer, but can improve electrical insulation and flame retardancy, and increase tensile strength. In the plasticized series in China, chlorinated paraffin is the third largest variety of DBP production after DOP. Chlorinated paraffin -52 series is one of the main products of chlorinated paraffin series, which chlorinated n-alkanes with an average carbon atom number of about 15. The current domestic production standard is HG2092-91.

It is a colorless or hundreds of colors to light yellow viscous liquid. It has the characteristics of odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, volatile, non-flammable, etc. It is widely used in cables, and is also used in water pipes, floors, films, artificial leather, lubricants, etc. It is a relatively economical plasticizer (or auxiliary plasticizer). After using chlorinated paraffin -52, it not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also gives them flame retardancy that is difficult to obtain.

Chlorinated paraffin -52 is mainly PVC, as a plasticizer or auxiliary, interchangeability and heat resistance is better than chlorinated paraffin -42. In addition, the use of additives in rubber, paint, and cutting fluids can play a role in fire prevention, fire resistance, and improving cutting accuracy. It can also be used as an anti-coagulation agent and a pressing agent for lubricating oil.

Shandong Chenxu New Material Co., Ltd. is a modern and professional flame retardant enterprise integrating production, sales and research and development. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary-Jinan Chenxu Chemical Co., Ltd. and a production base. The main production of flame retardant and flame retardant electronic potting glue two series of more than a dozen varieties. The company's products mainly include flame retardants, antimony trioxide, zinc borate, ammonium polyphosphate, TCEP flame retardants, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, chlorinated paraffin, etc., which are widely used in engineering plastics, rubber pipe belts, coatings, plastic films, cable materials, electronic appliances, intelligent computer version, water treatment and other fields.

Chlorinated paraffin

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