The main role of TCEP flame retardant!

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2024-03-12 08:42

In order to increase the flame resistance of polymer materials, it is mainly used for polymer materials such as plastics, rubber, fibers, etc., and most of these materials can be burned. In particular, plastics, to be used in transportation, construction, electrical equipment, aviation, space flight and other aspects, it is urgent to solve the problem of its combustion resistance.


TCEP flame retardants are mainly organic and inorganic compounds containing phosphorus, halogen, boron, antimony and other elements. Usually according to the method of use, the TCEP flame retardant is divided into reactive and additive two categories: reactive flame retardant in the polymer synthesis as a component to participate in the reaction, mainly used in thermosetting plastics; TCEP flame retardant is added in plastic processing, generally used in thermoplastics.

TCEP flame retardant is an important development direction of halogen-free flame retardants. At present, Al(OH)3 and Mg(OH)2 flame retardants are more mature and have a certain market share. The flame retardant mechanism is mainly by reaching the thermal decomposition temperature of rapid decomposition, endothermic cooling, the release of water vapor to reduce the temperature of the system, while water vapor and diluted the flammable gas to achieve flame retardant effect.

The amount of TCEP flame retardant is very large, which may lead to changes in the physical and mechanical properties of polymers. In order to improve these defects, inorganic flame retardants are treated by microparticle and surface activation. The former allows it to be dispersed evenly in the polymer, the flame retardant effect is homogenized in the bulk phase, and the amount of flame retardant is reduced. The latter improves the adhesion and interfacial affinity between inorganic flame retardants and polymers by surface modifiers (sodium stearate or sodium oleate), which not only improves compatibility, but also reduces the amount of flame retardant materials while maintaining mechanical strength.

TCEP flame retardant

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