The use of electronic potting glue?

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2024-03-12 08:42

Electronic potting glue is liquid before it is not cured. In fact, the product has fluidity. The viscosity of the glue liquid varies according to the material, performance and production process of the product. What needs to be known here is that the potting compound can be fully cured before its use value can be realized. After curing, it can play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and insulation.

Electronic potting adhesive is a low viscosity flame retardant two-component additive silicone thermal conductive potting adhesive. With it, it can be cured at room temperature or heated. It has the characteristics of faster curing at higher temperatures. It is made of ordinary potting silica gel or adhesive silica gel plus heat conduction body. Generally, they are products produced by excellent manufacturers. In fact, the electronic potting glue does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction and can be usedPPandABS.PVCSuch as material and metal surface. Of course, in addition to these places, electronic potting can also be used for thermal conductivity, insulation, waterproof and flame retardant electronic accessories, and its flame retardancy must reachUL94-V0Level. In line with the EUROHSDirective requirements. Now the main application areas are electronics, electrical components, electrical components of the potting, but also for similar temperature sensor potting and other occasions. Of course, the cured product has high hardness, smooth surface, good gloss, and has a fixed, insulated, waterproof, oil-proof, dustproof, anti-theft and other sealing properties. Over the years, the company has been committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets, using online Internet e-commerce platform and offline physical sales to go hand in hand.

In addition, there are many types of potting compounds. Different types of silicone potting adhesives have different properties in terms of temperature resistance, waterproof performance, insulation performance, optical performance, etc. If used, different materials can be bonded and bonded. There's a big difference and so on. Of course, there are also silicone potting glue can add some functional fillers to give it electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, magnetic conductivity and other properties. Its mechanical strength is generally poor, and it is this performance that makes it"Fragile", easy to maintain, that is, if a component fails, just pry open the potting glue and replace it with a new one. After the original copy, you can continue to use the electronic potting glue. And the color of the electronic potting glue can generally be adjusted according to the need. Transparent or opaque or colored. With the electronic potting glue in the shockproof performance, electrical performance, waterproof performance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging performance can be very good. And the color of the product can generally be adjusted as needed. Transparent or opaque or colored. Silicone potting adhesive is excellent in shockproof performance, electrical performance, of course, waterproof performance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging performance and so on.

After the introduction of the above contents, I don't know if you know the main points of the use of electronic potting glue. If you still don't understand, then call for detailed inquiries. Hope to bring help to the relevant people.


Electronic potting adhesive

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