Application and Development of TCEP Flame Retardant in Papermaking

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2024-03-12 08:42

Since ordinary paper is combustible, a considerable number of fires in real life are caused by paper and packaging materials. In order to prevent fire hazards, many countries have successively issued various fire safety rules, and the flame retardancy requirements for paper and cardboard are getting higher and higher. TCEP flame retardants are particularly important. So, let's learn about the application and development of TCEP flame retardants in papermaking!


There are two main types of flame retardant paper, one is the paper produced by asbestos, mineral wool, glass fiber and other inorganic fibers as the main components, and the other is to add various flame retardants to the plant fiber pulp. Paper products with flame retardant effect after impregnation and coating. Inorganic fiber papermaking has excellent flame retardant properties, but inorganic fibers such as asbestos are not conducive to the health of producers, and papermaking molding performance is poor, in the environmental protection more and more attention today, its application is limited, adding TCEP flame retardant plant fiber paper developed rapidly.

One. TCEP Flame Retardant Flame Retardant Mechanism

Flame retardancy of paper and paper products means to hinder the thermal decomposition of fibers, inhibit the production of flammable gases, or achieve the purpose by heat insulation and air and dilution of flammable gases.

flame retardant flame retardant way:

endothermic effect

dilution effect

inhibitory effect

isolation effect

II. Production method of flame retardant paper

The flame retardant treatment mechanism of paper products, whether it is covering theory, incombustible gas theory, endothermic theory or chemical reaction theory, etc., there are many methods and technologies that make paper and paper products flame retardant, generally including:

Flame retardant or non-combustible fiber as raw material

additive in slurry

soaking method

coating method

Three. Selection of TCEP Flame Retardant

At present, there are thousands of flame retardants on the market, but few flame retardants can be applied to flame retardant paper. In short, the selection of TCEP flame retardants should meet the following requirements.

The addition of TCEP flame retardant is less than 10% of the total mass of paper products.

TCEP flame retardant toxicity is small, colorless and tasteless

TCEP flame retardant does not return halogen, does not absorb moisture

Oxygen index greater than 27%

Four. Development Direction of TCEP Flame Retardant

With the increase in the amount of specialty paper and various flame retardant paper, the demand for paper flame retardants is also increasing. According to the performance requirements of flame retardant paper, the development direction of paper flame retardant is mainly:

Use of composite flame retardants

Composite flame retardants have the characteristics of a variety of flame retardants, and how to play the great advantages of each flame retardant in the composite is the research direction.

Development of smoke suppressant

Since "flame retardant" and "smoke suppression" are consistent, in the future for a long period of time, smoke suppressants are the faster development of flame retardants.

Development of cheap flame retardants

The production of flame retardant paper requires a lot of flame retardants, which increases the production cost of flame retardant paper. Therefore, it is necessary to find cheap flame retardants.

Study on TCEP Flame Retardant

From the perspective of safety and environmental protection, the halogen-free flame retardant has become a common problem faced by the flame retardant industry worldwide. It is necessary to develop and use environmentally friendly "green" products in the cycle of "production-transportation-use-regeneration. Therefore, the non-halogenation of flame retardants is the goal.

TCEP flame retardant

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