Flame retardant manufacturers: analysis of types of flame retardants!

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2024-03-13 10:48

Flame retardant, a functional additive that gives flammable polymers flame retardant, is mainly designed for the flame retardant of polymer materials; there are many types of flame retardants, which are divided into additive flame retardants and reactive flame retardants according to the method of use.


Flame retardant science and technology is a science developed to meet the needs of social production and life, prevent fires and protect people's lives and property. Flame retardant is the application of flame retardant technology in real life. It is a special chemical additive used to improve the combustion performance of combustible and flammable materials, and is widely used in the flame retardant processing of various decoration materials. After the flame retardant processing of the material, in the external fire attack, can effectively prevent, delay or terminate the spread of the flame, so as to achieve the role of flame retardant.


Flame retardants are divided into two categories: physically mixed additive flame retardants and chemically bonded reactive flame retardants. The basic requirements for the physical properties of flame retardants are: ①Good compatibility with plastics and synthetic fibers; ②Do not change the inherent excellent properties of the original material; ③Small dosage and large effect; ④No decomposition at processing temperature; ⑤Small, no toxic gas is produced during combustion; ⑥ low cost.


Like this kind of composite flame retardant has two categories, one is two kinds of flame retardant mechanical mixing compound flame retardant; the second is also containing nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. The former is a flame retardant composed of melamine and polyphosphate, and a flame retardant composed of urea, dicyandiamide and phosphate; the latter is a melamine salt of tetraol phosphate, cyclophosphamide polymer, etc.


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