Flame retardant manufacturers: the use and characteristics of flame retardants!

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2024-03-12 08:42

In order to increase the flame resistance of polymer materials, it is mainly used for polymer materials such as plastics, rubber, fibers, etc., and most of these materials can be burned. In particular, plastics, to be used in transportation, construction, electrical equipment, aviation, space flight, etc., urgently need to solve the problem of its combustion resistance. The use of flame retardants should generally have the following conditions: do not reduce the physical properties of polymer materials, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical properties; the decomposition temperature should not be too high, but it cannot be decomposed at the processing temperature; durability Good; good weather resistance; cheap.


It is mainly used as flame retardant and petroleum additive for polyurethane soft and rigid foam plastics, and has good plasticizing effect. It is widely used in cellulose acetate, nitro fiber varnish, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, polyurethane and phenolic resin. Besides self-extinguishing, the prepared products can also improve the physical properties of the products. The products feel soft, can also be called petroleum additive and extractant for soil elements, and are also used to manufacture flame retardant cables, three anti tarpaulin and flame retardant rubber conveyor belt of the main flame retardant materials, the general addition of 8-20%.


With the strengthening of the national requirements for flame retardant technology, the development and development of flame retardants in China will have a better broad prospect. Flame retardants in China, whether in terms of variety or quantity, there is a gap with developed countries, and the development prospects are broad. We should improve the development and innovation ability and promote the flame retardant industry to develop in the direction of environmental protection, low toxicity and multi-function.


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