Some common sense of electronic potting glue

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2024-03-12 08:42

There are many kinds of electronic potting. By material type, currentlyMoreCommonly used are these three kinds of potting glue: epoxy resin potting glue, silicone potting glue, polyurethane potting glue. However, these three potting adhesives can be subdivided into hundreds of products of different kinds and uses. Electronic potting glue is liquid before curing, with fluidity and viscosity. According to the material, performance and production process of different products, there are differences in the specific operation of potting glue.


When using electronic potting glue for electronic components potting, we must first strictly control the environmental temperature, humidity, operating vacuum, temperature and other influencing factors to ensure the success rate of potting. Generally speaking, in the process of potting, the ambient temperature should not be higher25, otherwise the prepared compound is easy to vulcanize and stretch in a short time, which will bring inconvenience to the potting operation. The pre-baking temperature of the filler must be controlled at about 100, and the pre-baking time is about 4 h, so that the water molecules in the filler can fully evaporate; otherwise, the residual water molecules will easily cause the surface conductivity of the insulating material to increase, the volume resistivity to decrease, and the dielectric loss to increase, resulting in short circuit, leakage or breakdown of parts and appliances.

electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinksIf the potting is a potting printed board, the printed board needs to be cleaned before potting, and then pre-baked to remove moisture. According to the allowable temperature of the printed board assembly, the temperature and time of the pre-drying and dehumidifying may be determined. The following temperatures can usually be selected: Pre-baking temperature:80, taking 2h; Pre-baking temperature: 70,3 hours; Pre-baking temperature: 60,4 hours; Pre-baking temperature: 50, which takes 6 hours.

electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinkselectronic pottingGlueNote:

1. Under the condition of bottom temperature, agent A will crystallize and can be baked at 40~50 degrees for 40 minutes before compound glue operation.

The glue must be used up within 25 to 30 minutes each time, otherwise the viscosity will gradually increase and the fluidity will become worse.

3. When dispensing glue again with the glue dispensing tube, the glue in the glue dispensing tube must be cleaned up before dispensing can be continued, otherwise it is easy to cause filaments in the glue and poor fluidity.

Operation steps and precautions of electronic potting glue

1. Keep the packaged products dry and clean;

2. When using two-component electronic potting glue, please check whether agent A has settled, and fully stir agent A.

3. Measure correctly according to the correct mixing ratio (weight ratio). If the measurement error of the mixing ratio is large, the characteristics of the product cannot be well displayed.

4. After agent A and agent B are mixed, they are fully stirred again to avoid incomplete curing due to uneven mixing. Agent A and agent B are mixed and stirred evenly. When glue A and B are mixed, pour a small proportion into a large proportion and mix. When stirring, stir in one direction, not too fast, stirring for about 3 minutes. Stir the bottom and walls of the vessel evenly. If the stirring is not uniform, incomplete curing will occur later. The mixing container must be about 3 times the mixing rubber.

Electronic potting adhesive

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