Some knowledge points of electronic potting glue

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2024-03-12 08:42

electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinksPotting refers to the use of equipment or manual polyurethane potting glue, silicone potting glue, epoxy resin potting glue to the device equipped with electronic components and circuits, curing at room temperature or heating conditions, to become a thermosetting polymer insulating material with excellent performance, in order to achieve the purpose of bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection.


electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinksThe main function of potting is:

1) Strengthen the integrity of electronic devices and improve the ability to resist external shock and vibration;

2) Improve the insulation between the internal components and the circuit, which is conducive to the miniaturization and light weight of the device;

3) Avoid direct exposure of components and circuits, and improve the waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof performance of the device;

4) Heat and heat conduction.

electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinksEpoxy potting glue is mostly hard. After curing, it is almost as hard as stone and difficult to remove. There is a good security function, but a few are relatively soft. Common temperature resistance inAbout 100, the temperature resistance of heating curing is about 150, and some are above 300. Fixed, insulated, waterproof, oil-proof, dustproof, anti-theft, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, hot and cold shock-resistant. Common epoxy potting adhesives are flame retardant, thermal conductivity, low viscosity, high temperature resistance, etc.

Advantages: Good adhesion to hard materials, excellent high temperature resistance and electrical insulation, simple operation, very stable before and after curing, and excellent adhesion to various metal substrates and porous substrates.

Disadvantages: weak resistance to hot and cold changes, easy to crack after hot and cold shock, resulting in water vapor from the cracks into electronic components, moisture-proof ability is poor. And after curing, the colloid has high hardness, high brittleness, easy to strain electronic components, cannot be opened after potting, and the repair is not good.

Scope of application: electronic potting glueThe manufacturer thinksEpoxy resin potting glue can easily penetrate into the gap of the product, suitable for potting small and medium-sized electronic components with no special requirements for environmental mechanical properties at room temperature, such as ignition devices for automobiles and motorcycles,LED drive power supply, sensor, ring transformer, capacitor, trigger, LED waterproof lamp and circuit board confidentiality, insulation, moisture (water) potting.

electronic potting adhesiveThe manufacturer thinksSilicone electronic potting glue is soft and elastic after curing and can be repaired. Referred to as soft rubber, poor adhesion. The color can generally be adjusted as desired, either transparent or opaque or colored. Two-component silicone potting glue is the most common one, divided into condensation type and molding. The general condensation type has poor adhesion to components and potting cavities, and volatile low-molecular substances will be produced during curing, and there will be obvious shrinkage after curing; molding(also known as silica gel) shrinkage rate is very small, curing does not produce volatile low molecular substances, heating can be quickly cured.

Electronic potting adhesive

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