Introduction of the characteristics of electronic potting glue, come and collect!

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2024-03-12 08:42

Electronic potting glue is liquid before curing and has fluidity. The viscosity of glue varies depending on the material, performance and production technology of the product. The use value of the potting adhesive can only be realized after it is completely cured. After curing, it can play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, insulation, heat conduction, confidentiality, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and earthquake resistance.


What are the characteristics of electronic potting glue? Let's take a brief look at it.

1. Low viscosity, good fluidity, suitable for forming complex electronic parts. 2. After curing, it forms a soft rubber shape with good impact resistance. 3. Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, which can extend the life of electronic accessories after application. 4. Addition type, room temperature curing, heating. 5. Moisture-proof and waterproof effect is excellent.

What is the purpose of electronic potting glue? Let's take a brief look at it.

Used for high-power street lamp power supply, power module, HID lamp power module, solar junction box potting protection, LED electronic display screen, LED electronic potting glue, circuit board potting, power cord bonding, LED, LCD high-power lamp, mobile phone, power box, ultra-thin computer digital camera, airport runway, etc.

Electronic potting glue is divided into manual perfusion and machine perfusion. The addition of 1:1 is machine-filled, and the most used in the future market must be 1:1.

There are three methods of operation: the first: one-component electronic potting glue, used directly, can also be directly shot. The second type of perfusion: two-component condensation type electronic potting adhesive, curing agent 2%-3%, stirring-vacuum defoaming-perfusion. The third type: addition type electronic potting adhesive, curing agent 1:1, 10:1.

What are the matters needing attention in electronic potting glue? Let's take a brief look at it.

1. Products that need to be packaged need to be kept dry and clean.

2. When using, please check agent A first, observe whether there is precipitation, and stir agent A well.

3. According to the proportion of the amount, accurate weighing. Remember that proportions are weight ratios, not volume ratios. After mixing agent A and agent B, it should be fully stirred evenly to avoid incomplete curing.

4. After stirring evenly, please pour the glue in time and try to use the mixed glue within the available time.

5. After pouring, the glue will gradually penetrate into the gap of the product. If necessary, pour the glue twice.

6. During the curing process, please keep the environment clean to prevent impurities or dust from falling on the surface of the uncured glue.

7. This product will gradually solidify after mixing, the viscosity will gradually increase, and release part of the heat.

8. The more glue mixed together, the faster it will react and cure, and may emit a lot of heat. Please pay attention to control the amount of glue adjusted at one time, because faster reaction will shorten the available time, and the adjusted glue will be used up as soon as possible.

9. Available time: refers to the time when the viscosity of 100 grams of mixed glue doubles at 25 hours. After the operational time, the glue can no longer be used.

10. Very few people who have long-term contact with glue will have mild skin allergy and mild itching and pain. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using it. Please wipe it clean with alcohol and wash it with detergent. Before using in large quantities, please try in small quantities to master the skills of using the product and avoid errors.

It is non-hazardous and can be transported as a general chemical.

Electronic potting adhesive

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