Knowledge of electronic potting glue?

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2024-03-12 08:42

In the electronic potting glue market, the price and performance of adhesives from different manufacturers are somewhat different. This is also what everyone must be clear when using. In fact, for some users, as long as the price is almost the same performance, do not care about the brand and manufacturers. In order to be able to buy more suitable adhesives, they need to be further understood.

Electronic potting glue is a two-component silicone rubber, which is often used for potting of various circuit boards to protect internal precision components. It has good compressive properties. After fully cured, it can resist external pressure without damage and can be used for a long time. And it has excellent corrosion resistance, some electronic components are corrosive in the application environment, the colloid is not easy to be corroded by chemical substances, and it is not corrosive to the components. Electronic potting glue can be used in280~300℃ temperature range, and can withstand-55C of low temperature. Manufacturers use excellent raw materials production, in line with international environmental standards, recognized by the relevant departments. During the use and curing process, it hardly releases excessive heat and by-products, which greatly reduces the damage to the human body and the environment. In addition, the nature of electronic potting is very mild, repeated use of course will not corrode the adhesive. And with sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof, insulation and other properties, the scope of application continues to expand, to meet the requirements of many industrial fields. Cooperation with strong suppliers is more assured, such as Shen Hongmao silicone, focusing on the research of electronic potting glue, providing customized electronic potting glue application solutions, with a wide range of uses, can be used in new energy, military, medical and other places.

Electronic potting adhesive has good compressive properties. After fully cured, it can resist external pressure without damage and can be used for a long time. In addition to the waterproof and moisture-proof packaging of most electronic components, it can also be used for the packaging of flame-retardant electronic products. The excellent thermal conductivity of electronic potting glue can effectively reduce the probability of production accidents. In addition, after using electronic potting glue, if there is any residue, it is necessary to close the lid immediately and seal it as soon as possible. Next time you use it, there may be hard skin on the seal. It doesn't matter here, just remove it. Of course, there is also a small amount of peeling, which will not affect the performance, and the electronic potting glue can be used normally. Therefore, when curing electronic potting glue, it should be at room temperature.25degree, humidity70%carried out in the environment. In this case, it takes several hours to fully heal. If you want to speed up the curing speed, can be appropriate heating. The company is a production, sales, research and development as one of the modern, professional flame retardant enterprises. The product here passedISO9001International quality management system certification,ISO14001Environmental Management System Certification andGB/T28001Occupational health management system certification.

The content of the above article is to introduce the knowledge points about electronic potting glue for everyone. If you don't know these, come and learn them quickly, hoping to bring help to more friends, and the next issue will bring more wonderful content. If you don't understand anything, you can consult us at any time.


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