What affects the quality of chlorinated paraffins during production?

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2024-03-12 08:42

What affects the quality of chlorinated paraffins during production? Do you know anything about it?


What affects the quality of chlorinated paraffin during production? Color and acid value are the quality indicators of chlorinated paraffin, and the production process is the factor affecting the quality of chlorinated paraffin. Below we look at the relevant content in detail.

(1) The effect of Cl₂ flow in the initial stage of paraffin chlorination, ifCl₂The flow rate increases too fast and too much, the material circulation speed is accelerated, the friction between the material and the material, the material and the wall increases, and the charged body produces electronic offset, forming static electricity. When static electricity accumulates to a certain extent, the discharge will produce static electricity sparks, and paraffin steam will burn and carbonize into black matter when it encounters sparks.

So the measures we take are to controlCl₂Flow. In the early stages of the reaction,Cl₂The flow should be small, and in the middle of the reaction,Cl₂The flow rate should be increased, and in the later stage of the reaction,Cl₂The flow rate should be appropriately reduced.

(2) Effect of chlorination temperature

Low chlorination temperature, slow reaction rate,Cl₂Low utilization. On the contrary, the temperature is high, the reaction speed is fast,Cl₂High utilization rate. But if the reaction temperature is high, the chlorinated paraffin will be pyrolyzed or even carbonized. Therefore, the reaction temperature in the production of chlorinated paraffin should be controlled between 80 and 105.

(3) Details in the process of purging semi-finished products

In production, it is obvious that the color of the material is very good during the test, but the color becomes darker after blowing, even dark black, which is not only related to the moisture in the raw material. In addition, when purging, the temperature is too high, oxygen will participate in the reaction, chlorinated paraffin molecules will generate colored groups, so that the color of chlorinated paraffin deepened.

Therefore, the measure we take is to purge the chlorinated paraffin semi-finished products, and the purge must be carried out under cooling conditions. The temperature is too low, the material viscosity is high, and the dissolved free HCl is not easy to release, which affects the acid value. The temperature is too high, easy to make the material black, so the temperature should be controlled between 60~90. Before the air pipe enters the system, a filter must be added to filter out moisture and impurities in the air.

(5) The influence of stabilizer selection.

In order to improve the thermal stability of chlorinated paraffin, the method of adding stabilizers is adopted, and the selection of suitable stabilizers has a significant impact on the quality of important products. Some stabilizers have a great influence on the color of chlorinated paraffin, which is easy to cause the transparency to decrease.

In addition, it is also found that when packaged in galvanized iron drums, chlorinated paraffin is more stable, which is conducive to the stability of the quality of chlorinated paraffin.

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