How to make chlorinated paraffin? How to see good quality?

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2024-03-12 08:42

How to make chlorinated paraffin? How to see good quality?


Chlorinated paraffin is a kind of commonly used chemical auxiliary materials, high production technology requirements, production to prepare raw materials.

1. Select the liquid paraffin and send it into the high-level liquid paraffin storage tank. When the liquid paraffin is refluxed, it can enter the adsorption tower for refining and flow into the paraffin storage tank.

2. Heating, preheat with warm water, and then heat with steam.

3. Liquid chlorine vaporization, liquid chlorine vaporization to obtain gas chlorine, complete the production of chlorinated paraffin.

Before the production of chlorinated paraffin, the following problems should be paid attention to and equipment inspection should be done.

1. Supply liquid chlorine and control the pressure of liquid chlorine.

2. Add wax oil, start the wax oil pump, and add wax oil to the wax oil high tank.

3. Adjust the water temperature to maintain a proper water temperature in the vaporizer.

4. Control the air pressure, open the air compressor to compress the air, and control the air pressure within the specified range.

5. Blow acid, control the pressure within the appropriate range, blow in acid, and adjust the acid inlet valve in time.

6. Add the stabilizer and add it to the kettle after blowing acid for a period of time.

7. When packaging, open the oil drain valve, control the pressure, and then package.

How to distinguish the quality of chlorinated paraffin? Chlorinated paraffin is a commonly used auxiliary chemical reagent. Excellent chlorinated paraffin can not only ensure that the product will not be affected by its own quality problems, but also is safe. So here is how to distinguish the quality of chlorinated paraffin, which can help you identify whether the chlorinated paraffin you buy is better.

Identify the quality of chlorinated paraffins as follows:

The source should be known. Do not accept chlorinated paraffins produced by small workshops or chlorinated paraffins of unknown origin. Be sure to choose a regular chlorinated paraffin manufacturer, so as to ensure the quality of chlorinated paraffin.

2) Check whether chlorinated paraffin has impurities. For example, chlorite 5 is a pale yellow viscous liquid. When choosing, we must pay attention to whether the color of chlorinated paraffin does not contain impurities. If there are more impurities in chlorinated paraffin, it may be relatively poor quality chlorinated paraffin.

3) Check the color and acid value, which are important indicators to determine the quality of chlorinated paraffin -52. It mainly depends on the quality of liquid paraffin raw materials and production control process.

Put 2-3 grams of sample into an Erlenmeyer flask, then pour 95% ethanol into a 50 ml Erlenmeyer flask, add 3-5 drops of phenolphthalein reagent, and shake well. The pink solution was dripped into the conical flask with a burette (also with potassium hydroxide solution) for 10 seconds, and the conical flask was constantly shaken during the titration. Acid value = blank consumption mass concentration (sample consumption 11.56 sample mass 2-5g current acid value = sample mass) (sample consumption 11.56025.04.0 specific gravity = measured specific gravity-(measurement temperature 50) * 0.00078, which is the main method of acid value test.

Chlorinated paraffin

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